Business Leadership

By Jeff Shjarback Over the past several years during the current economic downturn many groups of business professionals have speculated about what it takes to be a leader. Is a leader someone who grows the company and will stop at nothing to get profits? After all, without profits a business cannot operate. However, we have […]

Leadership Is Teaching

Hyo’s note – any article that kicks off with teachings from Bill Walsh is a winner in my book.  Good article – read and learn. One of the NFL’s greatest coaching legends is former San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh. In one of his books entitled “The Score Takes Care of Itself,”  he lays out his […]

Leadership lessons from Lord of the Rings…

I love Lord of the Rings.  I think I’ve read Tolkien’s classic trilogy about dozen times over the course of my life.  And through his books, Tolkien teaches us – teaches those of us willing to listen.  Thomas gets that and shares his interpretation of a very significant and seminal quote in the first book.  […]

7 Tips for Excellent Leadership

By Chris Young We are all leaders at some time in some aspect of our lives, whether it be at work, on the sports field or at home with our family. This article provides some practical tips on how to be more effective in our roles of influencing and leading others. What is Leadership? Fundamentally, […]

Inspirational Leaders Know How To Focus

Patience And Consistent Action Lead To Success   By Michael Hume I’ve long written about the difference between two types of people out there, especially in the business world. In truth, each of us has both of these personalities within us, and we might lean toward one or the other for long periods of time […]

The Importance of Developing Leadership Skills

by Jeremy Winters, Are leaders born or trained? This is a never ending question that is currently being argued by researchers and scientists all over the world. Despite the fact that there are many individuals who seemed to be born a leader there are lots of other individuals who must strive hard to achieve their […]

Leadership – A People Oriented Approach

By Michael Duncan Moore  Much is said and written about the characteristics of “Leadership.” Clearly, the effective leader possesses both skill and talent and these ingredients are wrapped in personality traits and characteristics. Some leadership styles work in certain conditions and not in others. One of the Key Ingredients to effective leadership is the consistent […]

Moving past austerity: Business leadership principles for 2011

While it would be easy to label 2010 a year of business leadership failure, here are a few lessons from some of the most effective managers working today that we ought to carry into 2011. By Polly LaBarre, contributor (Management Innovation eXchange) — The authorities at Merriam-Webster have declared “austerity” the defining word of 2010. […]

Resume Writing Tip: What is the Difference of Leadership Vs Management Skills?

By Phil Baker, There are many cross over skills when comparing leadership vs management skills, though there are some strong distinctions. Many leaders and organizations recognize the principle of leadership as taught at WestPoint Military Academy that everyone is a leader in training. While not everyone will become a leader, this approach empowers people to […]

The Rise Of Condoleezza Rice

By CURT SCHLEIER, FOR INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY  As a teenager, Condoleezza Rice won a series of piano competitions. But in her first national test, she misplayed a Mozart piano sonata. Her parents tried to console her, but she preferred to be alone. She replayed the failure over and over in her mind, then said: enough. […]

How To Be A Leader At Hello

by Camille Noe Pagan   Coming off as a leader can help you get ahead–whether you’re vying for a job, trying to make business connections or looking for love. You meet someone new–a potential employer, an important contact or even just an attractive guy in a coffee shop–and you’re sure you nailed it … until you […]

How the Best Leaders Build Trust

By Stephen M. R. Covey Almost everywhere we turn, trust is on the decline. Trust in our culture at large, in our institutions, and in our companies is significantly lower than a generation ago. Research shows that only 49% of employees trust senior management, and only 28% believe CEOs are a credible source of information. […]

How To Lead Like Oprah

 by Jenna Goudreau In the last season of Oprah Winfrey’s 25-year-long television program, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the queen of media has been looking back with nostalgia on what she’s built—a global audience and a $2.7 billion net worth—and forward with excitement to what lays ahead. She transitions from network TV to cable in January […]