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To state the obvious, cover letters are very important to your success in landing a job.  A great cover letter, in and of itself, may not get you the interview or get you hired.  A bad or mediocre cover letter will immediately kill whatever shot you had to begin with.  So, cover letters really go into the “things that can derail you” column.

Although I agree that cover letters are important, I have never been sure of exactly how important.  Read any magazine or Ezine on this subject and all the articles on cover letters just goes on and on about how vitally critical it is?  Is it?

Getting a job is a lot like playing a video game.  You just have to get to the next level.  And you have to avoid the traps and bad guys that can knock you off; before you get to the next level.   Cover letters qualify as a trap.

The only purpose of this blog is to help you avoid the traps.  I am a not career guru or headhunter supreme who can get you hired.  No delusion here.  All I hope to do is help you avoid some of the traps, so that you can get to that next level.

The progression is simple, right.  You go from applying for job to getting an interview (or three or five) to getting a job offer.  So, how does an overworked, swamped HR specialist pick your resume out of hundreds (thousands?) and move you to the next level.

There are a couple of ways:

  • The hiring manager forwards your cover letter/resume to HR specialist and says, “Take a look at it.”
  • Your cover letter/resume arrives via a referral (hopefully to an unpublished listing).
  • You overnight your cover letter/resume to HR specialist, whereas everyone else mails or emails it.
  • You address your cover letter to the HR specialist with targeted content to what she is looking for (versus the dear sir/ma’am approach).

Don’t get me wrong, content is important, absolutely critical, but first and foremost, you have to get it there and get it to the right person.

This requires research and due diligence on your part.  In fact, if you have not done so, please do before anything else.  I recommend you head the library and check out these books.  They are of tremendous value and will help you focus your strategies:

This is important because there are a lot of good products out there that can help you write decent cover letters.  But cover letters are tools.  But for the tool to be effective, it has to be the right one for the job; to state the obvious again (I know, it’s a character flaw of mine – being obvious).

Having a great cover letter would be meaningless if you mass mail it to generic HR specialist in response to a Sunday help wanted or an online job posting.  You have to do the legwork.

So how does this One Click Cover Letter Creator help you with that?

Phil Baker


First, it doesn’t.  That is, it doesn’t tell you who to send it to, where to find that information, or how to go about getting started.  The software assumes you have done all that.  This is critical, because like all software, it follows the maxim, “garbage in; garbage out.”

What Phil’s One Click Cover Letter Creator does do is provide you the means to create really good looking, professional cover letters.  To that extent, I think this $34.95 software is a pretty good product.  It can generate very direct and professional cover letters that cover a very wide range of situations and job needs.

And it is software, not an EBook.  This is a critical distinction.

I will say this about his software; it installed in about two minutes and was ridiculously easy to use.  Everything is pre-formatted – the spelling and writing is all done.  A dialog box opens and you choose what kind of letter you want; answer all questions; hit create; and viola, your letter.  Really can’t get any easier than that.

Of course, you will want to make sure the letter reads the way you want it to; attach your resume; and off you go.

It has wide selection of templates of cover letters.  It also has follow-up and thank you letters.

This software would probably work for the following:

  • Writing is not a strong suit
  • English is a second language
  • Always confused on what to write and how
  • Just wants one less thing to stress over

Based on my use of this software, I think these are the folks that would benefit the most.

And I really can’t discount that last group, I suppose. With all the stress and drama that comes with looking for a job, knowing that this one base is covered –  well, that is one less thing to stress over.

Also, if you’re like me, than creativity may not be a strong suit.  Actually, I’m not that bad creatively speaking, but getting started is just not easy for me.  A product like Phil’s works, in part I think, because it gets you started.  It gives you a framework to tweak and create to express yourself.  And by the way, if you use this, or any other program, do be sure to edit it,so that it reflects you 100%.  That’s just me, though.

Bottom line, in this software; job hunters get cover letters for prospecting, responding to help wanted ads and job postings, and specialty referral and networking letters. There are cover letters specifically created for entry level job seekers, experienced workers, professional candidates, and career changes. Every letter is labeled and can be personalized and customized for the position and employer.  And that, as they say, is that.

In the end, it all comes down to whether you sent the letter to the right person. If you send it to right person, the need for a perfect written cover letter really becomes moot.

That’s your task – not whether your cover letter or resume is perfect (of course it should be) but whether you are sending it to the right person.  And that involves research, networking, and discerning what it is you want to do with your life.

But if you think this could help you; head over to here:  OneClick Cover Letter Creator.

On the other hand, if you prefer to do it yourself, the reservoir of available resource is huge.  You can obviously plug in cover letter in any search engine or you could take a look at some of the pages (must be a hundred articles by some the best people in the industry posted in Job Blog here) on this site:

Head over and hover over either the Job seeker tools or the strategies and advice; and take a look at all the articles.

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