Hey, The Cheese Is Missing…Now What?

Life has a wicked curveball.  You don’t need me to tell you that.  And you probably have little need for a lot of the cliches that always seem to come one’s way when life takes an unfortunate turn.  Cliches like, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” or “when one door closes, another […]

Referral Your Way to a Job, Plus Goals and Daily Affirmations…

Some food for thought as you head into the weekend.  Already the 3rd weekend of the NFL season.  Wow, another week and we’ll be a quarter of the way through another NFL season.  Man, time flies… Should be no surprise to you. Man, time just rockets by when you’re looking for a job or if […]

Go Fish Where the Fish Are…

I’ve always thought that you needed to go fish where the fish were.  Sometimes that has gone well for me, and sometimes – meh! That said, in retrospect; some of my best moves have come when I’ve ventured out beyond my comfort zone.  And if you’ve hit a serious roadblock in your job search, then […]

Be the Interviewer to Ace the Job Interview!

I always like to put myself in the other’s shoes.  In everything.  So, when it comes to interviewing for job; I like to envision myself as the interviewer. Why not? In the movie classic, “Caddy Shack,” Bill Murray’s character talks about being the gopher to get the gopher.  Well, what about being the interviewer and […]

Three Intangibles Hiring Managers Look For

Here are some nuggets of gold for you.  A tremendous from Victor Lipman on the 3 intangibles that hiring managers look for – just good stuff: Three Intangibles Hiring Managers Look For The most useful insight I gained as a hiring manager was that you almost never hire the only person who can do the […]

Moneyball and the HR Department

If you really want to take researching to another level, then you need to spend time trying to crawl inside the head of the HR folks that control the gate.  I call them “the gatekeeper.” Heck I wrote an article for Ezine Articles a couple of years ago titled, Want a Job? – Get Past […]

“Executive Job Search: 3 Jobseeking Ways to Find a Job Faster”

By:Kevin Donlin Got a difficult problem in your job search? Say, a lack of networking contacts? Or trouble answering interview questions? Well, you’ve got company. Problems in a job search are as common as mosquitoes in July. But … have you ever written your problem down on a piece of paper? I’ll bet you haven’t. […]

Winning Traits and How It Can Apply To You…

I got an interesting email from a guy named Chris Munch.  Basically, I bought a course from him on how to create viral campaigns to increase traffic.  I have another site where I fiddle around with social media, traffic, viral campaign, blah, blah. So, what has this to do with job hunting – well only […]

3 Tips for Improving Your Job Search in An Uncertain Economy

By Laura SmithProulx Looking forward to your executive job hunt this year – or dreading it? Spending months in job-search mode, facing a pending layoff, or reading about  unemployment statistics can bring you down… just when you need the energy to  tackle a challenging market. However, you CAN change your approach, mindset, and techniques, leading […]

Learning from the 10 Worst Job Hunting Mistakes

What if someone told what the worst mistakes were that you could make while job hunting – BEFORE – you began job hunting? What if you could take action now to minimize those mistake or trump them before it happens? What if you could learn and profit from the mistakes of others? Kelly Eggers gives […]

To Be Successful In Finding A Job In 2012 – You Must…

This is really a great article from the Wall St. Journal Market Watch.  It is often said that knowledge is power.  Well, this article by Ruth Mantell gives you precious knowledge.  Precious because it gives you a sense of what the market may be looking for in 2012. How do you stack up? What is […]

Humanize Your Job Search

By Kevin Donlin, Question: If you’ve ever been hired without first meeting the employer in person, open your window and scream “Yes!” Hear anything? Neither do I. Until more scientific proof turns up, just agree with me here: You can’t get hired by a computer or over the phone. Before you can work for people, […]

Interview Questions: Are You Too Trusting?

How much should you trust a potential employer? You might be surprised to  learn the number of lies that are told or information that is purposely omitted  on both sides of the job interview table every day. Job candidates lie and  employers know this and take precautions. Employers often run background checks  or search for […]

Fall is Prime Time for Job Hunting

Fall is the time you need to redouble your efforts to land the job you want.  I think Fall is the best time and provides the best window of opportunity for those looking for a job. How do I know this? I’d be lying if I told you I had a clue. But… Most of […]

You Can Handle the “Too Old” Excuse

Are you like me, over 50 and have had to deal with handling this “too old” excuse.  Or maybe the “overqualified” garbage. Let me give you my two cents for overcoming those “too old” and “overqualified” obstacles. For many, both those issues can be the kiss of death. But here’s the truth from the guy wearing […]

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