The Recap on Writing Effective Cover Letters

Okay, here’s the recap!  The one and only purpose of a cover letter is to get the reader – hopefully a hiring manager – to read your resume.  I say hiring  manager because, believe it or not, the hiring manager and HR has definitely agendas. Generally both want to make a good hire.  But – […]

Email Cover Letter is Different…

Just wanted to touch base on email cover letters.  That would be opposed, to say, sending a cover letter via regular mail. The one thing about emails – it seems to me – is that it has made us “lazy.”  Twitter, texting, etc. has contributed to sloppy writing.  And that’s coming from me - the king […]

2 Quick Hits on Writing a Great Cover Letter

Couple of quick hits to consider the next time you shoot off a cover letter.  For most, the cover letter is always – and I mean always – an afterthought or no thought.  Heck, most resume go naked as it is and that’s a shame.  For a lot of resume, that cover letter can be […]

Leonardo da Vinci’s Cover Letter Works Because…

Great cover letters embody timeline principles.  And Leonardo da Vinci’s cover letter really drives home that point. Quick background… Leonardo da Vinci was interesting in getting a job with Ludovico il Moro, Duke of Milan.  Evidently besides his skills involving painting; he was also an armorer and a military gadgets inventor.  So wanting work, he did what all […]

What Makes a Cover Letter Compelling?

What is it about a cover letter that makes it compelling?  What is compelling and who is it compelling to?  And the answer has nothing to do with how well the cover letter is written.  Besides, it’s not an “A” you’re looking for – it’s a job you want. But first, let’s begin with these […]

It’s Never Too Early To Make a Bad Impression…

Just so we’re clear – I probably know less about cover letters, resumes, job hunting than your average, run of mill brown bear foraging for grub at Jellystone Park.  No Yogi Bear am I. So, what’s the point? Well, I am opinionated and I like to dispense what I know – regardless of whether anyone […]

It’s Time to Use Your Cover Letter Introduction As a Marketing Tool

By Jessica Holbrook, Writing your cover letter may seem like a mundane task-something you must do  to ensure you submit all documents required when applying for a job. But in  reality, your cover letter is so much more than that! This document gives you  the opportunity to add life to the technical nature of the […]

Tough Times Job Tips

“So easy a CAVE MAN can read it?” by Jimmy Sweeney, Have you ever started to assemble an appliance, a kid’s toy, a new computer, or a book cabinet and threw up your hands in frustration? The manual or set of instructions is useless. “Why can’t these people write in plain English?” you might shout.  […]

Instant Job Search Success – ‘Big Bang’ Theory!

By Jimmy Sweeney, If I failed to grab your attention with the title of this article you might not be reading this first sentence right now. You can call it a ‘title’ or a ‘headline’ but the secret is to ‘pack a punch’ at the top of any written communications. Done properly, this practically forces […]

Principles of a Great Cover Letter

The following is reprint of a great article by Kat Neville that was originally printed in the Smashing magazine (here’s the link to the original article,  The article itself is very well written, with lots of good advice and observations from hiring managers.  You would do well to heed some of what is in […]

Four Cover Letter Flubs to Avoid

By Caroline Levchuck, Resumes get a lot of attention during a job hunt. However, don’t forget to give your cover letter its due. After all, employers usually review a cover letter prior to looking at your resume. If your cover letter doesn’t pass muster, your resume won’t ever get any attention at all. Each time […]

Cover Letters and the Sense of Urgency Myth

By Phil Baker, You can learn and take advantage of the same principle businesses spend billions of dollars to broadcast. Many job hunters are working from a position of weakness and are therefore hesitant to create a sense of urgency in their resume cover letters. They believe they must be available at all times for […]

Cover Letters: How to Get on the Employer Wish List

by Phil Baker, How do companies come up with job qualification requirements? When you are preparing to customize your resumes and cover letters for prospective employers think about this: Someone wrote the job posting; an employee where you want to work created the job posting or description for the company. For certain jobs, there is […]

Selling versus bragging on your Cover Letter

There’s a lot of advice out there on how to write that one cover letter – you  know – the one (not Neo) that will get you the coveted interview.  Just slap “cover letter” into your Google search box and you’ll get back hundreds of thousands of results.  Heck, do it on my little site […]

Cover Letters for Over Forty Job Seekers

by Phil Baker, Recently an associate of mine, Trent, who happens to be over forty and seeking a management position, asked me to write his resume and create cover letters. He expected he would have younger competition and initially wanted to play down his work history in order to conceal his age. Because he had […]

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